• Who is BREX

    Born at the end of 2009, BrEx is a team combining professionals in fashion design and marketing, to open or reinforce business opportunities to well established and known international Brands .

    This BRand EXtension activity is mainly focused on shoes and accessories.

    A Company with a lot of experience. Born to PUT SHOES ON to international Brands.

    To run the Company has been called, as CEO, Fabio Spreafico. He's been the leader of one of the most successful case history in Brands' extension Projects. In fact, during his 20 years as CEO at DC Company, he made the LEVI''S shoes and accessories business grow continuously.

    Lately the forward looking approach of the Company is shifting the focus on cool, fresh and distinctive Concepts rather than traditional clothing Brands seeking for the usual Extension to Shoes & Accessories.

    As a consequence, the usual collections are leaving space to items winning the interest of a more "premium" tier of the fashion market place.

    The "name of the game" is the ability to understand and transpose into shoes and accessories the personality and philosophy of Brands.

  • Mission

    Provide ideas and services to drive Brands towards new markets and goals.

    BrEx accomplishes its mission with state of the art support in industrial and commercial plans definition, creativity, marketing, distribution and logistics.

    All these services can be provided separately (supplies, consultancies, distribution contracts) or as part of a global plan (license).

  • The structure

    Design – Trading - Service

    The Company headline summarizes the recipe to reach our mission and is the basement of the overall Company structure.

  • Design

    A network of designers and technicians from several Countries, that's able to transpose Brands values, history and equity into shoes and accessories.

  • Trading

    Connections with the major experts of shoes and accessories competitive arena all around the world, introduced in mighty commercial organizations.

  • Service

    The key point to assure also in fashion, a field with such a high degree of "unpredictability", the necessary pragmatism to grant that the right product, with proper quality, is brought to the most suitable sales points at the right time.

    Its the Service, darling

    Service granted by a knotty plot of analysis, research, planning, production processes, IT systems, logistic organizations and procedures, that staggers for its extraordinary efficiency.
    More than 98% of the orders is in fact delivered on time.

    And so "regularly" to make this extraordinary performance look even SIMPLE!

  • Brands

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    Marie Claire


  • BR.EX SA

    Via Lavizzari, 6
    6830 Chiasso - Switzerland

    TEL +41 (0)91 6975090
    FAX +41 (0)91 6975099


  • Reserved Area



    This license initiative has been conceived not to follow the go-to-market approach traditionally adopted by clothing brand's spin-offs. Rather than seasonal launches, we hit the market with compact capsule collections featuring "spot-on" styles inspired by iconic products, refreshed in shapes and stylistic contents and then certified by the authoritative Pantone signature. On the field we have deployed a strong platoon of designers spearheaded by Creative Director Diletta Spreafico. The "unexpected use of colors" is our secret weapon. LET COLORS RULE our battle cry.


    Surely amongst the most renown and celebrated Italian Excellences across the world. A timeless icon of Italian lifestyle that transcends trends and fads. Corporate integrity, long-term vision and the proven know-how to enhance Concepts and Brands values are the pillars we built BREX's international reputation upon and that convinced Piaggio to sign a footwear licensing agreement with us, as of Fall/Winter 2017 season, for this. And we want to celebrate this opportunity developing ITEMS that are indisputably reflecting Vespa Personality and IT'S Urban culture. Items winning consumers attention simply making them feel to share Vespa personality by wearing our Shoes

  • RIFLE Shoes

    A service contract (DESIGN, DEVELOPMENT & PRODUCTION) to support the new Company that'’s running the worldwide license for footwear of Italian jeanswear Brand RIFLE as of Spring&Summer 2015 Sason.